In brief

The country
Republic of Namibia

In brief

Situation Situation de la Namibie
Flag Drapeau de la Namibie
Motto Unity, Liberty, Justice
Arms Armes dela Namibie
Official language English
Capital Windhoek
22°33'S - 17°15'E - 22.55 - 17.25
Largest city Windhoek
Government Republic
President Hifikepunye Pohamba
Prime minister Nahas Angula
Area Classified 34e
Total : 825 418 km2
Water % : Negligible
Population Classified 65e
Total : 2 040 000 habitants
Density : 2,2 / km2
Independance 21 March 1990
Neighboring countries Angola
South africa
Currency Namibian dollar (NAD)
Parity with the south-african rand (ZAR)
Timezone UTC +1
Été +2
National anthem Namibia, Land of the Brave
Telephone +264

Source : Wikipedia