Personal History

I have always loved wildlife in general, and African wildlife in particular. Before becoming a guide, I myself traveled in many different African countries, but it is Southern Africa which has provided me with the greatest contact with wildlife.

Eventually, I decided that I needed to combine my passion and my work, and left not only the commercial world, but also Europe, to live in Southern Africa. To consolidate the wildlife knowledge that I had gained through my travels, I took a course in guiding, which included both theory and practice, in RSA with Ecotraining.

After four years of working in Namibia for several reputable French tour operators, my dream finally became reality. With more than 60 trips under my belt, I had enough practical experience of leading tours, be they camping or in lodges, to create my own business and offer the personal, tailor-made service that I offer you now.

And so was born Grandeur Nature Safaris, my own tour company which I launched in Namibia in august 2007. My aim, when I organize your trip, is to create for you an adventure, an experience of close contact with nature, wildlife, big open spaces, and all of this, as far as possible, away from the beaten track. Either in your own small group, or by joining a pre-arranged tour (with fixed dates), you can awaken your senses in safari with either myself or one of my fellow hand-picked guides.