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Prise de son au parc de Mahango Enregistrement dans la nature
Prise de son au parc de Mahango

It was by accident that I once came across a CD made by Jean C. ROCHE called "African Forests and Savannas", released by SITTELLE. I used this CD as an alarm clock for a long time, and although I was already addicted to wildlife and particularly birds, this CD was the start of a new passion for me which is still growing.

Sight and sound are senses that everyone has and uses without thinking about them. and really, few people really know how to look and how to hear and listen.

And yet, there is so much to be learnt by ear!

The first time that you use a dish and headphones, the effect is overwhelming and unforgettable; it's like using binoculars for the first time. A whole new world opens up to you. Tiny whistles, cries, breaths and other sounds that you would never have otherwise noticed, are now audible to you; which can be frightening (particularly at night). It is such an overwhelming and novel feeling that you can be disoriented. The first time I went out with dish and headphones in Sologne to record the voice of a stag, I terrified myself by listening to a herd of wild boar that I was convinced was about to attack me. Ripping off the headphones, I then realized my mistake as I could then barely hear their grunts as they disappeared into the distance.

Lion's nap Lion's nap

After an apprenticeship with Jean C. ROCHE, I embarked on creating my first CD of sounds from the lakes and savannas of Senegal. Since I have been living in Namibia, my collection has grown with new species, and I invite you to share in a sound-safari which opens up a new and complementary angle on the country.

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Équipment provided
> A transparent sound dish 1mm thick
> PRO5 handle
> TWIN Science microphone

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