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The river beds
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The river beds

Eléphants au point d'eau Hoanib River

In between the Kunene river and the Brandberg mountain range, rivers struggle vainly to find a way through mountains and deserts to the ocean.

Oases have grown on the shores and in the very beds of these rivers that run for barely a few days a year. This miracle is made possible by the mountain streams; during the rainy season, thousands of tiny streams are captured by the mountains further East and thus create the rivers which we know as the Hoarusib, the Hoanib, the Huab, the Ugab.

Paysages autour de la rivière Huab Huab River

Attracted by the huge faidherbias, acacias and other mopanes that grow in these oases, large mammals such as desert-adapted elephants and giraffe travel far into the Namib to find shelter and food. Predators, like lions and cheetahs are in turn attracted by the herds of oryx and springbok.

This landscape of canyons and gorges, of desert plateaux and table mountains, and sometimes even of floods, this is where we invite you to take part in a journey which is the most beautiful and wild that the Namib desert can offer.

Two weeks.

From 3,000 euros per personne for two weeks, including both some lodge accommodation and some wild camping.

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